Since a few days, I (not very) frequently visit, which basically is a non-commercial website of co-workers and friends. They share the passion of photography and while surfing on that site, I today got sort of re-addicted to photography, too.

I never was really good in taking pictures, but I always loved it.

So, I grabbed my camera: a FUJIFILM FinePix S6500fd, which I bought about a year ago.

I then decided to buy that one, simply because I wanted a better cam than my old Olympus. And I needed a device, which has high ISO-values and very short tripping time.

This evening, I got inspired by the great pictures, shown at So I took my cam, went upstairs and simply took some shots down the street out of a stairway window (5th floor).

This is, what I got:


Parameters were: 15s, ISO 100, F/8, 25mm

Keep on takin’ pictures, keep on bloggin’

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