Today, I got one of the very first iPhones… Usability is quite new to me since I never had an Apple or an iPod. But i like it so far 😉


After various complications getting my iPhone to work with my WLAN at home, this issue is now solved.

The one thing is still cannot believe is: no new software can be installed without hacking/breaking the phone. That’s really poor. I’d like to have several software such as IM installed.

This is my first post via my cell phone… Seems to work quite alright 🙂

Many years ago, I wrote an alternative for the common so called “Gallery” where everybody uploads his/her pictures. After a server crash and several hardware upgrades, that “picturebook” wasn’t working anymore.

Today, I fixed this.

Many old pictures are back online again on my private website 🙂

Installed the darkwater-11 theme which fits my demands.

 Blog is now available via and various other addresses… 🙂

By the way: the header picture isn’t part of the theme. I took that pic in Denver, Colorado, USA in November 2002…