Hi there!

Do you have a cat? No? Yes? Well, I do have a cat and I could tell lots of stories. But this ain’t the point of today’s posting. I just like to share some YouTube videos with you. My dear introduces me into “Simon, the cat” and I can tell, those comic style short vids are so damn realistic!

I laughed like hell, as I watched them the very first time. If  you do have a cat or if you are  experienced at least, I bet you will like them! If you neither have a cat nor are experienced, just give those vids a try and believe me: this is so damn true! 🙂

The very first one: Cat in bed. This is my daily morning. Totally true!


The next one: Cat on couch while watching TV. Believe me, every cat exactly behaves like this!


And finally the last one: Cat wants to get inside. My cat isn’t allowed to go outside, but I bet this behavior is very authentic!


I hope you enjoyed! 🙂

Bye, T.

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