This evening, I thought about setting up a flickr and a twitter account. Okay, okay… I did not just think about it, I did it. What a freakin’ show…

After setting up my accounts, which was very simple, I began to link ’em to facebook and back, I uploaded photos and back… And as I did this, I began wondering. “What the hell…?! What am I doing? All the information on every site and every picture on and in each account?”

I drawed a very simple drawing and I now have a question:

Is this, what Web 2.0 is supposed to be?

What do we have?

  • a homepage
  • a facebook account
  • a blog
  • a twitter account
  • a flickr account
  • maybe a online diary
  • maybe a guestbook
  • maybe a photo blog
  • maybe a gallery
  • maybe a Google account (grabbing feeds and more…)
  • maybe this and
  • maybe that

And they all talk to each other. Am I the only one on this planet, who is very, very confused with all those sites and applications? ­čÖé

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