Hi there!

Yesterday, I posted on my Twitter account:

Have you ever won the jackpot without even playing the lottery?

Some of you asked me, what this posting was about or what I wanted to tell you. Well, let me try to explain it. But be careful, this is some kind of metaphor!

For years and years, I used to play the lottery. Regularly, I invested and assumed to receive my return of invest very soon. I paid (let’s say…) X and once in a while, I received X-1 (minus one) in return. But, well, if you get at least something (even less than you invested) back, you usually keep on playing. You keep on playing and investing and assuming and somehow hoping. You swear (to yourself): “the pay-off-moment will come”. But it does not!

Over the years, playing the lottery becomes some kind of habit. You just do it, even though you don’t know anymore, what exactly you are doing. And especially you don’t know the reason anymore. You try to quit playing but you start over again, because over the time, you invested that much and it shouldn’t be worthless. You promise to yourself: “one more time, only one more time”.

And this is the point: you expect the unexpected (e. g. winning the jackpot). If you act like this, maybe some little nice things may occur, but usually, the unexpected won’t happen (at least not to you). After I quit playing the lottery, I still expected to get my return of invest, because I somehow deserved it. The point (and problem) was: I still expected! This is a no-go!

And quite immediately after I stopped expecting anything, I won the jackpot without even playing the lottery.

Of course, there’s no guarantee to win without playing, but it’s more likely. And so, this is my conclusion:

  • You play – you lose
  • You expect the unexpected – you lose
  • You don’t play and don’t expect – you might win

And for those of you, who still believe, this is about money and gambling: it is not!