Due to excessive spam abuse, unfake.it will soon begin to block URLs from various other URL shortening services such as http://bit.ly/. All incoming URLs (no matter if they’re injected via web or API) from blacklisted domains won’t be shortened any longer as of the effective date.

Effective date is: 2010-08-26 6pm UTC

Reasons ain’t to harm other shortening services, but to reduce spam. It’s a common practice of spammers to shorten and shorten and shorten their URLs through more and more shortening services. unfake.it won’t support such habits any longer.

If you intend to shorten formerly shortened URLs again and have the feeling that it’s okay, get in touch with me. We’ll find a way! Maybe by using an API key.

I feel sorry for all those 42.000+ short URLs, but there ain’t no other way to prevent further spamming. Already shortened URLs will remain valid, so they might still be accessed in the future.

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