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after migrating websites and databases onto new hardware last weekend, I took the chance and did, what was way long overdue: I made an upgrade to WordPress 3.0 yesterday. Even though several other blogs of friends and those all around the world mentioned heavy problems and various plugins malfunctioning after the upgrade, it worked very well for me.

And as I already was working on the blog, I also changed the theme. The newly released default theme “Twenty Ten” looks great, so I’ve chosen it and I barely changed it. I just uploaded another header image, which now shows Lake Tahoe in California, USA, I activated some widgets and added a menu. That was it.

By the way, some Lake Tahoe appetizers:

Well, okay. I also deactivated some senseless plugins and installed some new ones. Major changes are:

  • Main page now shows excerpts of posts, if they are longer than short
  • Facebook’s Like button was introduces, so please use it 🙂
  • Similar posts will be suggested on each posting’s page
  • NextGEN Gallery has been (re-)activated
  • You may now be informed of new comments when leaving a comment

Some more words upon Facebook’s Like button: as mentioned by Thomas Homberger on his blog, I added the Like button as code sniplet within the themes single.php file, since all the plugins do use more space of the page than useful. How to do this is very well described on this page (in German).

If you like the Lake Tahoe picture, be prepared to see more photos of my last three week vacation to the U.S. Westcoast soon. Stay tuned.

Of course, I’d love to read your comments (English or German) upon the new layout as well as suggestions. 🙂


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  • WordPress’ iPhone application somehow ruined the Layout of this post when publishing it. I don’t know yet what exactly has happened, it doubled some parts of the post.

    Strange things happen.

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