Hi there!


http://unfake.it/ now provides a tiny JavaScript bookmarklet which may be saved in your browser. While surfing on the web, you can click this bookmark and the page you’re currently viewing will automatically be faked/shortened.

But the real new feature is the preview function: by adding an asterisk ( * ) at the end of any faked URL, you’ll get a preview page which shows an image of the final destination. And this is really magical! Destination URLs may either be pages or images and they are initially fetched once a minute and refreshed once day. Preview of images will — of course — remain untouched. Whole websites are magically grabed as image and displayed as thumbnails.

An example?


Check it out, this is really cool.

There’re lots of URL un-shorteners (I call it: un-faker) all over the planet. It totally pisses me off, that I can never ever remember any of those f*ckin’ providers. That’s (I guess) the main reason, why I simply never used such URL redirectors.

So, I started my very own URL (un)faker. The site’s ready, the database is set up. You may shorten, fake and post your URLs now using:


Enjoy! 😉