Wednesday, 2003-06-04, 12:56:53 am, @home

didn't write for weeks; but I don't sense this online diary as a must-do; I write down some things when I feel like; though, I feel guilty for not recording some thoughts and experiences;

have to think 'bout nyc again for some time now; it is still supposed to be my favourite place of livin' sometime within the next few years; dunno when, even dunno how - but I do know that I achieved almost any aim I really wanted to; gotta think about and work on that; will have to prioritize...
Big lived at 81st and Park; upper westside; I'd be more than glad livin' upper or even lower eastside;

we'll see...

Kid Rock expresses quite alright how I feel like:

I was hiding from the sun once again
I was running from the time my friend
I've lost another war
So, I poured one more
And went home drunk again
She was up when the key hit the lock
And the clock looked at me
Just like the devil in disguise
I saw it in her eyes
She'd be gone before the evenin'

So, I poured another strong one
And chopped a line from here to Texas
Cause I've lost another good one
She's on the midnight train to Memphis

With a brand new start
I swore I'd love from the heart
I meant to change my ways
But I've seen better days
Than the one's that's here this mornin'
With a wife and kids at home
With a job some where on some assembly line
I wish I had that life
I bet you wish you had mine

So, let's pour another tall one
And chop a line from here to Texas
Cause I've lost another good one
She's on the midnight train to Memphis

[David Spade]
Dude, what station is this? K snooze?
Kid Rock I thought he was the American bad ass
He's putting me to sleep. Nudge me if he gets over five decibals.
I knew his first album was a good one

But that's the way I am
And this is how I jam
All across the land from Alabam to bandstand
Doped up rebel with an attitude
So fuck a bitch
So fuck a bitch
So fuck a bitch
I won't switch won't quit my vices
Flip the script cause I'm gonna slice the righteous
Haven't you heard I don't refrain
Free as a bird and so I won't change
Livin it up Givin it up fuckin shit up
I'm gonna run my track from the D to Nantucket
So fuck it - If you don't dig that, you can suck it.

And it don't
And it don't

With an old suitcase, I swear
I'll leave this place
I'll get you back in time
Can't drink you off my mind
So, I'll see you when I'm sober
I been looking for some reasons
But I ain't found one down in Texas
I been changing with the seasons
Walked in a new line back to Memphis.