Sunday, 2002-10-06, 12:59:03 am, @home

have to write some stuff now;

what are the most important things I expect of a relationship?

I need my relationship to be stable and certain; I already had some consisting of sex and nothing but sex; what I need now is a warm and safe place to call home, a place to come to and feel either harbored and anticipated; I don't want to come to that place and get into even more trouble I had outside;

I need to be sure it is understood what I am saying, thinking and doing; I need my freedom to do my stuff; that does not mean I won't be able to love while those times; I surely do;

probably the most important thing; I can't either live nor love while being afraid of being lied to; those lies made unintentionally aren't that bad, but they're not okay anyhow;

I need my partner to be also my best friend; to talk and laugh about love, life, sex and everything; I am a very cheerful and open-minded person, laughing and joking almost the whole day; how could a snowball survive in hell or some drops of water in the dry county?

need I say more? there can't be any kind of relationship without trust!

oh, there are much more things a relationship needs, I'm pretty sure 'bout that; maybe I wanna name some of them another day...