Sunday, 2002-06-30, 11:55:50 pm, @home

having headache, got drunk tonight; been to one of the best parties the last months, 'Alstadtfest Lauf' with Gernot, Lisa and Holger (friend of 'em); oh, how i love that celebratory! :) seeing old friends, enemies, folks... ppl i haven't seen for years now; i was a bit drunk tonight, okay, but it was a great evening though.

i saw and talked to many ppl of my past; Susi, Gaelle Laurent, who i haven't seen for at least 2 or 3 years now; i last saw her at a wine-celebratory in nuernberg; Basti, who i haven't seen since graduation; the highlight at least was Catherine; i also haven't seen her for at least 6 years now; she developed from a crazy teenager to a crazy and attractive woman, studying in munich; oh, how we had fun in our clique in our youth; time goes by way too fast; i'd like to enjoy my youth one more time, but all i can do now is living my life, cause it's my life...

oh, did i mention, we'll see Aerosmith in New Jersey on 2002/08/13 ?! :)