Thursday, 2002-06-20, 10:29:54 pm, @home

sitting outside, at my terrace now; was *very* warm the last few days, but i like that really much; this evening, a little thunderbold occurred, wasn't too bad, the air is quite fresh right now;

oh, what do i have to tell?! well, not much :) feeling happy the last days, lots of work, lots of harmony, lots of love... tomorrow we gonna celebrate midsummer night at baunach, near bamberg..
oh, i'm really lookin' forward to august 9th;

well, well, well i'm a bit tired, a bit drunk; been to a little barbecue of #52 this evening, got 2 beer and drinkin' a caipirinha now; how i love that drink... :)
okay, i think i gotta go inside now; the one cat is waiting for me, the other one is coming any minute now