Sunday, 2002-06-16, 08:51:18 pm, @home

learned several things last weekend:

  • you never know what's coming up when you arrive at a party
  • you shouldn't count your chickens before they are hatched
  • make your priorities clear (even if it's hard)
  • change your mind
  • don't be afraid of it, just do it! no, it's not a nike-commercial... :)
  • it's not unlikely to be surprized, it can happen!

    well, was at a party in bubenreuth on friday; young people there, was a great evening, much fun, very much alcoholics; i feel like having my second youth when being there; just having great times, nothing else; not being involved in feelings-stuff; it's just fun

    btw, still 53days, 9hours and some mins to go 'til our aircraft leaves the ground; i need some holiday so badly, i can't even tell...

    well, well... kathas birthday yesterday; began a bit slow, a bit too slow as far as i'm concerned; well, got better later; much Tequila, some waterpipe...

    oh, there was another party yesterday, i forgot: birthday of some colleagues; did a nice barbecue 'til it began to rain cats and dogs; we escaped

    gotta do a bit slower the upcoming days... :)