Thursday, 2002-06-13, 02:25:47 am, @home

got home late at night; thinkin' 'bout some things; what's life about? is it about workin' for it? is it about livin' it? is it about sharin' it? or about something else? what is life about? where am i heading? where's my life leading me to? is it a location? or a feelin'?

come on over, have some fun, dacin' in the morning sun; look into the bright blue sky, come on let your spirit fly;

i just feel like that; livin', lovin' and feelin'; having fun, doing what life brings up next; not just waiting for a reason to celebrate, just celebrating to have the reason

just another lucky day, no one makes me feel this way; watch the waves and feel the sand, kiss me now and take my hand

i wanna wake up in the morning, thinkin' of what a great day is coming up; thinkin' of great things to do; thinkin' of wonderous moments to occur and share with others; havin' fun, just feeling allright

all the tears i've cried before, they can't touch me anymore; now that you are by my side, it's all i need to know

i think there's at least one person out there who fits your needs; you gotta find him/her, you gotta hold him/her; never let him/her go again; but what about your life-plans? what's more important - your life and its plans and needs? your family, friends and all beloved ones? i really don't know; in the end, i'd like my environment to fit my dreams :) i'd like to be able to fulfill my dreams without givin' up anything i got so far; what about priorities?

just another lucky day, no one make me feel this way

well, that's true so far; the few, the very few and very small not perfect things are about to get solved; workin' on it; so, is life about to work on it? do i have to change my life and its surroundings? hard job :) i think i don't have to, i can't; but i can help, i can give pointers towards the right direction; but what's eventually right? and wrong?

you see, life is everything else than easy; not even easy like sunday morning, espacially if it's thursday and it's late at night :)

good night