Saturday, 2002-06-08, 03:43:37 am, @home

took a quick look at cathys diary, therefore writin this entry in english :)

got home a few mins ago, been to munich for breakfast (strange time, you think? no, it is not! :))

of course it only sucks _sometimes_, right... but it definitely does! okay, great adventure... i got a good graphic card, too... but what about the joystick? is there no video-accelerator? where do i get the cheat-codes? an adventure game is run by me, but i feel like i am being run by the game; i feel like Guybrush Threepwood :)

headin forward, makin plans, throwin them away, makin new ones, reconfigurin, thinkin, comparin... where am i goin? who am i? why am i here? forget the question - someone gimme another beer...

good night :)