Thursday, 2008-09-04, 12:42:58 am, @home

After almost 4 years, I changed my mood today/tonight:

2004-10-09 04:39 upside-down
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2008-09-04 00:42 mournful
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I have reasons for that. Certain reasons!

I was wrong, but you, if you are reading this, were not right either. You were definitely wrong and you did what I never expected you to do.

All your promises were actually not honest. Those were lies and nothing but lies. You lied to me and, as a matter of fact, lied to yourself.

The very good thing about the situation is: I now can truely say, I always knew it.

The very bad thing is: I always knew it.

How can someone be that selfish? How can a single person do, what he/she never wants someone else to do to him/her? How? Why?