Monday, 2004-09-20, 02:34:58 pm, @work

Oh my fuckin' Goddess!

As amazed as I felt Friday night ('cause I then expected some things to work fine), so shocked and down I felt on Saturday. Things happened, I'd never again anticipated to happen. Another showdown yesterday in the early afternoon - okay, the whole afternoon. Hours and hours of an apparently neverending situation of stupidity and foolishness. Talks and cynical laughter, uncried tears and lots of shaken heads.

I already knew it to come last Thursday, so I led some certain things into their proper ways. First step automatically happend some minutes ago, at 2pm. Next step I assume to happen this late afternoon. I'm thinking about to check it, but I guess I don't have to.

Got a call from a former classmate last week, actually he wanted to make an appointment to sell me some insurance-stuff. I told him to come over this evening, but I really ain't free in my mind for that bullshit. So I just called him up and cancelled that meeting, telling him I were busy, having other things to think about.

Even though not really funny I had to smile about the following for a tenth of a second or so: he immediately asked me what was wrong, he said I really, really didn't sound okay, he even told me I sounded damn decayed. I tried to be as normal as usual, just wanted to cancel that appointment, I must have had a certain undertone in my voice - can't tell...