Monday, 2004-08-16, 07:59:37 pm, @home

These days are hard and dark. Just a few sunny moments in times of sadness. Held some talks with my dad today. Apparently neverending thoughts about my beloved mum, the woman who gave birth to me. The most important person ever in my life.

Had a 2,5hours breakfast with Anne today, it was nice and I was pretty amazed - feelings I didn't have for weeks. We had a real great conversation, concerning this and that. She gave me perspectives, just as Rebecca always does.

I also told her and Rebecca and also Julia and (via SMS) Agnes those days, how and why I act just like I do at the moment. There're so little real problems and I could really freak out 'bout some dishonest individuals with their fuckin' not important issues.

I'm happy, knowing what I know now and being able to see things more clearly these days. I'm happy, being able to hate those people today.

What did Anne say today? Every little and even bad thing and moment has a meaning. She's so damn right with that.