Sunday, 2004-03-28, 09:47:47 pm, @home

First in seven nights...

... or in other words: the day, the cat finally and definitely moved out. Threw all the crappy stuff into a so called cat-trash-box; felt incredibly good.

Had a week of joy, fun and all I could expect, feeling so evenly at the moment. Yesterday, we've been to an Afghan restaurant, it was some kind of birthday event. I realized, it's not a wonder if someone easily integrates him-/herself into a new group of people. I realized, it's a kind of weakness and backwardness if he/her is not able to do so. 've been to cc42 afterwards, just for a few minutes. Rofa later on.

This day started with a breakfast consisting of sparkling wine, scrambled eggs, salmon and such stuff. It continued with endless moments on my terrace, sitting and amusing in the sun. Later, having fun at some other places, again spending time in the sun, laughing, talking and philosophizing the whole day.

I don't even care, whether my ex's now screwing around or not. I've had enough dates and women the past 2 years - and I still do have.