Thursday, 2004-02-05, 10:43:17 pm, @New Orleans

Well, well, well. Being in New Orleans, LA now.

After the first shock on Tuesday morning, when Agnes picked us up for the airport (we had to be there at 7.15am, she stood in front of my door at 6.40am, just as planned, and I was still sleeping very deeply, without even having finished packing all my belongings), everything went just quite okay.

No problems with the flights, just a few difficulties when passing the immigration in Dallas, heading for the location where JFK was assassinated in 1963, heading for HRC, heading down to Houston, HRC again, Motel6, Johnson Space Center (NASA) the next day, left Texas for Louisiana, heavy thunderstorms and lots of rain, Motel6 at Lafayette, heading down for New Orleans, spending some time at Loyola University now.

Though spending some funny and real great time, I can hardly sleep without having at least bad dreams or thinking 'bout certain things the whole day.

Feelin' good and sad the same time.