Monday, 2004-01-19, 04:08:23 am, @home

"The question whether or not we are alone in the universe has been answered" - President Thomas J. Whitmore, Independence Day (1996).

I if define myself as "we" and my life as "the universe", I have to acknowledge and negate that statement contemporaneously.

I have great friends, for sure. I can call 'em up almost any time, I can join 'em late at night for some bottles of wine, they come over if I am in need of someone. Sure, that's great and one of the most valuable gifts in "the universe".

But whom will I ever donate the biggest part of my heart? Whom will I give all my love and life? I dunno yet.

By now and for the rest of my life, my friends will ever be the probably most important part, though, I'd like to donate the biggest part to someone, too. What does that mean? There might be one person being the most important to me, while the rest of my friends in sum are even more important. The main cause is: you might lose your partner frivolously and that's the moment you need your friends more than ever. So: don't ever give up your friends when in a relationship.

I found the one being worth to earn the biggest part of my heart about four years ago, unfortunately I lost her involuntarily about two and a half years ago, when we both moved to Nuremberg.

I love my friends, those very kind and awesome people.