Friday, 2004-01-02, 03:05:10 pm, @work

When in need of a good cappuccino, why not taste a real good one in Italy? When hungry for a very good pizza, why not try an original one in Italy? When your wine-rack's quite empty and you need to refill, why not buy it where it comes from, in Italy? Same with parmesan.

To be more concrete, Monday was an incredible day. Gernot and me visited Lisas family for dinner, even more, we cooked dinner. It was a great and funny evening. Right after falling into my bed, I arose again, 'cause Gernot called me up to find out, we were both bored. First, I met some folks at Coyote, where Gernot also came to, we then picked up Agnes at her place. She was immediately exalted by the idea, heading for Italy.

We drove all night, playing funny games to keep us awake. Passing "Gardasee", it was still dark. We stopped at Verona, had some Cappuccino, took a walk downtown, enjoyed the great views from the top of a hill, bought some wine and cheese, ate a real good pizza and finally headed backwards to Nuremberg, where we arrived at about 7pm.

Such spontaneous trips are the best ones. I loved it.